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  • Identifier : libboost-container1.76.0
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  • Added Date : 26/05/2021 08:42
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    C++ library that implements several well-known containers This package forms part of the Boost C++ Libraries collection. . Boost.Container library implements several well-known containers, including STL containers. The aim of the library is to offers advanced features not present in standard containers or to offer the latest standard draft features for compilers that don’t comply with the latest C++ standard. . In short, what does Boost.Container offer? . * Move semantics are implemented, including move emulation for pre-C++11 compilers. * New advanced features (e.g. placement insertion, recursive containers) are present. * Containers support stateful allocators and are compatible with Boost.Interprocess (they can be safely placed in shared memory). * The library offers new useful containers: * flat_map, flat_set, flat_multimap and flat_multiset: drop-in replacements for standard associative containers but more memory friendly and with faster searches. * stable_vector: a std::list and std::vector hybrid container: vector-like random-access iterators and list-like iterator stability in insertions and erasures. * slist: the classic pre-standard singly linked list implementation offering constant-time size(). Note that C++11 forward_list has no size().

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