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  • Identifier : libboost-log1.76.0
  • Depends : libboost-atomic1.76.0 (= 1.76.0), libboost-chrono1.76.0 (= 1.76.0), libboost-thread1.76.0 (= 1.76.0), libboost-regex1.76.0 (= 1.76.0), libicu69
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  • Added Date : 26/05/2021 08:42
  • Description

    C++ logging library This package forms part of the Boost C++ Libraries collection. . This library aims to make logging significantly easier for the application developer. It provides a wide range of out-of-the-box tools along with public interfaces for extending the library. The main goals of the library are: . * Simplicity. A small example code snippet should be enough to get the feel of the library and be ready to use its basic features. * Extensibility. A user should be able to extend functionality of the library for collecting and storing information into logs. * Performance. The library should have as little performance impact on the user’s application as possible.

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