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  • Identifier libvterm-dev
  • Depends libvterm0 (= 0.3.1)
  • Updated Date 20/04/2023 16:40
  • Added Date 30/01/2021 04:46
  • Description

    abstract terminal library (development files) An abstract C99 library which implements a VT220 or xterm-like terminal emulator. It doesn’t use any particular graphics toolkit or output system, instead it invokes callback function pointers that its embedding program should provide it to draw on its behalf. It avoids calling malloc() during normal running state, allowing it to be used in embedded kernel situations. . This package contains the header files and libraries needed for developing with libvterm.

    Version History

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    • Download libvterm-dev version 0.3.120/04/2023 16:40
      MD5 e21ecad5326ca8f24892368903c80052
      SHA1 e875577ea05298e3e7bf05ca4e6ee493b46f9d6a
      SHA256 6fad3a3bab6df770c48e70410d4b0e380543619350f022384e289e349194d49a
    • Download libvterm-dev version 0.1.430/01/2021 04:46
      MD5 c5f3fcca4b288222c8257b216c3f9afd
      SHA1 b4eced892d190592b73f2b3d19bf7f7c2185913b
      SHA256 bed6a3a71064914efb08423e3cb634ac19809d72e88fa6e96f4f8dc961c86958

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