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  • Identifier xxd
  • Depends libiosexec1 (>= 1.2.2), libintl8
  • Conflicts vim (<< 8.2.0650)
  • Updated Date 24/01/2023 06:10
  • Added Date 14/08/2020 22:11
  • Description

    tool to make (or reverse) a hex dump xxd creates a hex dump of a given file or standard input. It can also convert a hex dump back to its original binary form.

    Version History

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    • Download xxd version 9.0.100024/01/2023 06:10
      MD5 2686c11da6aa9b5af859ccd878806b59
      SHA1 c3406015a4e8c2840decf170470e9b215ce09441
      SHA256 373c1704b7ebe1e84a7509fb22fe0b01a9f58fa6faf1988f52a981f4606a34b6
    • Download xxd version 8.2.180008/10/2020 03:47
      MD5 d4db36e4e7f3c283a491396a791b6714
      SHA1 29650d3897afa9f265d745832130dbc6fcc7873f
      SHA256 58be6097dc454e57f837d472433b07264ca34c083cdf6abde853b15c3351aa18
    • Download xxd version 8.2.070014/08/2020 22:11
      MD5 a3d0e166d215a72efecbf5a2f8392b57
      SHA1 23d18d46fede2471a5597b9f13fe86b87cc26309
      SHA256 9f810bfacd1e7670323f5371d303e814ad304b70d062a48a9e09b5d2b9e399fd

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