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  • Identifier com.spark.lspulltodismiss
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Updated Date 15/12/2019 18:53
  • Added Date 12/11/2018 19:02
  • Description

    Pull down on notifications on the lockscreen to dismiss them

    Version History

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    • Download LSPullToDismiss version 0.0.215/12/2019 18:53
      MD5 c70ae7082d14f13440441048b281395e
      SHA1 707be9325ece474df03bfd56afda5c09109cca32
      SHA256 86d9c321b6f6b76bc72913defa32c98e9c9b592fc57d78944b9c1e25272e49d0
    • Download LSPullToDismiss version 0.0.1-112/11/2018 19:02
      MD5 16c92f8fa7a6e4f14b6b99fea5d8145b
      SHA1 a9fc06e92ae08577d727c0a9bfee326f274816c0
      SHA256 3ebe64fe3de73ff48b9358d59c661cd2c4c1de02936a2daf909c0aed42d22fbf

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