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  • Identifier com.twickd.caspd3v.cdwidget1
  • Updated Date 06/05/2021 15:27
  • Added Date 13/04/2020 21:21
  • Description


    A cool widget for the lockscreen

    Version History

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    • Download CDWidget1 version 1.006/05/2021 15:27
      MD5 a9bc6600a032a1525cde85e8bb9b439d
      SHA1 bec906630c54f31853d9dda85ffe55722c90c0b9
      SHA256 2a5b982dee055edd540424814652c773745739b27f9684b566925e2c40bdafca
    • Download CDWidget1 version 1.006/05/2021 12:15
      MD5 25caf36617fc996dfb3d826ff69ad74b
      SHA1 eebbb4d5e8500d5972e873e5039024d7d7980b6e
      SHA256 7be178a00e1e69d55b9ce20b743a2f1f471969400ad7108fe1f08712cd1622ef
    • Download CDWidget1 version 1.013/04/2020 21:21
      MD5 99b415ee3b3ee50459994d7ac0d038f7
      SHA1 637af8915432153132c2cc4fe9df68855f4e5199
      SHA256 6eb1581f89bbe26feccfc4ad3df65f3cebfd0642a56ff4aa38b4d669d0d7fdc2

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