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  • Identifier : com.twickd.quix.noclutter
  • Depends : mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, ws.hbang.common
  • Conflicts : com.udevs.nobreadcrum13, com.cydiageek.byebreadcrumbs, com.yourepo.cydiageek.byehomebottombarx, com.cydiageek.byehomebottombarx, com.twickd.mtac.scrollbarbegone, com.spark.noccbar, com.tommo.hideapplabels, com.dantesieg.hidelabels, com.spark.hidebarx, com.cydiageek.hidedonebuttonx, tk.1di4r.hidedots11, com.ryannair05.hidelabels13, com.zunda.hidenctext, com.dgh0st.hidesbtime, com.yourepo.cydiageek.hidesbtime, com.adrenaline.nodockbg, com.yourepo.cydiageek.nodockground, com.harrywantstodev.nolspadlock, com.mrgcgamer.nodndbanner, com.twickd.mtac.flaturl, com.mtac.flaturl, com.twickd.mtac.nosettingschevrons
  • Updated Date : 29/07/2020 05:19
  • Added Date : 23/05/2020 08:55
  • Description

    Hide elements that clutter iOS

    Version History

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