Facebook ++

by admin
  • Identifier com.unlimapps.fbpp
  • Depends firmware (>= 5.0), mobilesubstrate, com.unlimapps.uasharedtools (>= 2.2b-20)
  • Conflicts repo.biteyourapple.net.pluscrack, repo.biteyourapple.net.gramplus
  • Updated Date 10/07/2018 04:15
  • Added Date 28/08/2015 08:30
  • Description

    The Facebook tweak that allows you to turn off read recipts, use the in-app messenger, save/download videos and much more!

    Version History

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    • Download Facebook ++ version 1.6r-3810/07/2018 04:15
      MD5 3c505633622b949069605bf24614f550
      SHA1 5b027011626025719884d86ab1c30d420e602e10
      SHA256 38135f922aea41b57d83c3c0458e15737a8f7913817c2deba0bd77ec165aaa30
    • Download Facebook ++ version 1.6r-3724/01/2018 19:00
      MD5 5714f660801a4373e791aed170535d25
      SHA1 411b81838fa099c2f9e9db0b2f5848d5abe37033
      SHA256 217911ce036300c9845c02415808401c5d1f7367539f3e950ac0aa205bc88cac
    • Download Facebook ++ version 1.6r-3621/11/2017 16:15
      MD5 88fb597585f91387b4a60413b2ca591c
      SHA1 57b116920afd38cde01b6f3155fca09edbd5c71a
      SHA256 ce13deb4a7984ab3bacc5c3202e0f6c5fdd28377cf2e6230e69e46c246734c65
    • Download Facebook ++ version 1.6r-3503/09/2017 18:00
      MD5 b98e714f02f2a30eb121f904d1c446b7
      SHA1 ca80313299ab85f7c3ff6c44202a9299b503730b
      SHA256 30574d7392d89d0a735ac4472458312033cf01508d10fe56ad64d6fe989146cb
    • Download Facebook ++ version 1.6r-3413/08/2017 21:45
      MD5 fd72f4b7d30e062f441b36a72c0448d0
      SHA1 23f3ed797a1bb5e3ff0c748151786f919ee6b589
      SHA256 376d1b67aef2c346494cdd2fee33accac2fab4edd9f0d1a385d29683e7f1e402

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