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  • Identifier com.unlimapps.jodeboxlib
  • Depends firmware (>= 7.0), com.ouraigua.jodebox, com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap
  • Updated Date 04/11/2015 06:20
  • Added Date 25/10/2015 07:51
  • Description

    Developer library for easy access to JODebox import functions source at

    Version History

    Packages are not hosted on our server, they could be protected or unavailable.

    • Download libjodebox version 1.0r-704/11/2015 06:20
      MD5 ee20863f2e8637c319a469a90a71d742
      SHA1 8a67e6c9c1cd1d73d46669b3a446cf06b3ad0b72
      SHA256 04c61c7207d45eb36c6ed284338e796edcadd87037fcbca30f015606b9b8c71e
    • Download libjodebox version 1.0r-626/10/2015 03:00
      MD5 aa6eef92ddc9b2d623681ab1141f6120
      SHA1 05d4f24e52990939911ba66bd2b9991371d9bd21
      SHA256 75f4867c2dddec9831e888703b63b6a2d6ad7f9910182b14650532697fc7840e
    • Download libjodebox version 1.0r-425/10/2015 07:40
      MD5 75fb151078ee748966a958a1310296cf
      SHA1 84c6b89e00c1e220ec668669434c14888a651152
      SHA256 dd42cc7b3cf72a79c6e5a0f85d31c036ba654ab23b703167beaea074adb7d895
    • Download libjodebox version 1.0r-525/10/2015 07:51
      MD5 7a32c111dd72eec2cf14c30a40293994
      SHA1 ef434ec654c835fd6f57d424a47c0f4c668d6f5a
      SHA256 733bf5d20a2c70b0d70a045e68cd04ec3bae2745294012ef63c6d65609abbf49

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