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  • Identifier com.yourepo.i0s-tweak3r-betas.autorotate1
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware(>=10.0)
  • Conflicts com.i0stweak3r.autorotate
  • Replaces com.i0stweak3r.autorotate
  • Free package
  • Added Date 03/05/2023 17:11
  • Description


    ROOTLESS build-Allows two styles of autorotation affecting home screen, LS, CC, spotlight app switcher. It also allows you to hide labels, and rotate apps that don’t normally allow rotations. Also it lets you add up to 12 icons in the dock on iOS 10-12.x Looks great on larger iPhone models. This tweak supports all devices including arm64e iOS 10.0-16.x

    Version History

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    • Download AutoRotate version 1.0.5b-10r03/05/2023 17:11
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 6c29a885e470e42fb3a51a65ed9278c9
      SHA256 c9f1eb73a3a9adfdbab5fae0664e043a7740e268add00162ea6dc21cf6e964ca

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