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You feel smart? Then try to find out what’s the figure that logically follows in a series of abstract shapes and try to crack 70 questions having the solutions included, NO ads, NO expiration date and without Internet! The tests are similar with the abstract reasoning recruitment tests (EPSO) for careers in European institutions!

If you found issues or you have problems please send them using the contact form: http://www.abstractreasoning.eu/#!contact/c1fan

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• 70 abstract reasoning questions (SAME questions for iPhone and for iPad – don’t buy the app twice!)
• solutions are included
• tests have medium difficulty
• NO ads or annoying commercials
• NO Internet connection is required
• NO expiration limit or date for the tests
• NO personal data is extracted
• NO account or registration needed

In an abstract reasoning test question, you are given a group or a series of shapes that are defined based on one or several logical rules. Each group or series is followed by a question, which typically requires you to find the missing shape or the next shape based on the series’ rules and patterns.

The abstract reasoning test is also called the graphical, conceptual or diagrammatic reasoning test because it measures the lateral thinking skills or fluid intelligence, which are abilities to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data, integrate this information, and apply it to solve problems.

Practice anytime & anywhere and check the website for more details about the abstract reasoning techniques.

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This new version assures features compatibility and includes user experience improvements and a nasty defect fix that was making the Solution for tests unavailable.
Stay safe and keep practicing our logical reasoning tests from work, from home or from anywhere!

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