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T4U for Tesla is the first application to track and follow your Tesla. Available for Tesla S, Tesla X and now Tesla model 3.

The price includes a subscription of 12 months and the backup of all your data during this period. You can also access to the Webapp with more statistics.

Created and designed by EV enthusiasts owners, T4U for Tesla provides :

● Real time indicators displaying your consumption, your real battery range and your efficiency,
● Your car’s statistics by trips or by calendar period : kwh consumed and charged, battery capacity and its wear, your driving efficiency
● Remote controls.
● Schedule controls panel.
● A map including the charging points available everywhere in the world,
● A challenge with the others Tesla’s owners to know who’s the best eco-driver !
● a programming mode to plan your start and end of charge, heating, offline mode or secure mode.
● A special access in the car by the Tesla’s Browser,

T4U for Tesla is very involved in the securing and privacy of your datas, and so we guarantee that :

● Your Tesla login details are only used to connect with the Tesla servers. Your user name and password are directly transmitted to Tesla servers and are not stored by T4U for Tesla
● Your vehicle datas are:
○ Collected from Tesla servers, not from your vehicle

If you want to give it a try on car’s browser at my.tesla-4u.com.
or on PC at connect.tesla-4U.com

If you plan to buy a Tesla, benefit from 1500 km of free recharging, and one year of subscription to T4U with my link: https://ts.la/herv2859



What’s New

> New Battery health mode
> New activities filters
> Ionity chargers
> Schedule Sentry mode

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    Price: $14.99

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