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10 good reasons to LOVE VaniChat

1. VaniChat is SECRET
You don‘t sign up for VaniChat. You simply use one or more chat aliases that are automatically generated and don‘t reveal anything about your identity. Make secret notes on chat aliases that only you can read and edit.

2. VaniChat is PATIENT
If your desired chat partner is not online right now, you can also send a chat stream. From short and crisp to hours long.

3. VaniChat is MAGICAL
Everything you draw or write with VaniChat‘s digital magic ink gradually disappears. Just like in a confidential conversation, you can express everything without it standing still for long. So there is always room for new topics and thoughts.

4. VaniChat is INSPIRING
Simply write or draw with your finger on the display, this is totally liberating and lends wings to your thoughts. Express what you feel or whatever is on your mind and get into the flow.

5. VaniChat is COLORFUL
Just give your chat aliases your favorite colors. The colors of the other chat participants will be automatically adapted to them.

6. VaniChat is SENSUAL
On devices with haptic feedback, you can even feel when others draw something. The faster the stroke, the more it vibrates. In addition to words or drawings, send your friends some „good vibrations“.

7. VaniChat is HELPFUL
Use VaniChat on the phone to get your ideas across visually during a conversation. You can just sketch away and don‘t have to prepare anything.

8. VaniChat is DISCRETE
No information stays on the server even one second longer than necessary. No chat is saved and no one can see who communicated with whom. If you delete one of your chat aliases, it disappears without a trace. Just like the notes that others have made about it in VaniChat.

9. VaniChat is OPEN
In live chat you can invite other friends at any time. If someone contacts you while you are already in a chat, you simply take them into your chat. No matter how many people are already in the chat.

10. VaniChat is HUMAN
There is no such thing as a chat bot for VaniChat. Bye bye spam and adios tracking, you can safely forget about that in VaniChat. On the other end, there is always a human being drawing, writing and doodling.

Well, already a little bit in love? Then DOWNLOAD VaniChat now, so you can get to know each other even better!

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots

  • VaniChat Screenshots
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