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In the near future novel “explosion” this year, we will change the topic Quantum Mechanics this year 2020 and add a moving ticker (subtitle) to make it easier to read and calm down, so that the speed can be changed in 3 stages. did. You can browse the Internet with the newest web browsing program. The map itself is equipped with a compass map that rotates in the direction in which it responds to the geomagnetic field when the button is pressed. In addition to these, a storage device that can record notes with simple operations is built in.


What’s New

1. The design and function have been redesigned with universal specifications for both iPhone and iPad.
2. Due to the geomagnetism, the map itself has a map application that faces north, and we are working to enhance the privacy protection function of maps and the Internet.
3. In the near future short story “explosion” up to the last time, this time we changed to the topic Quantum Mechanics in 2020 and added a moving ticker (subtitle) to change the speed in three stages to make it calm and easy to read I was allowed to.
We look forward to your continued support. Thank you very much.

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