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This is a safe, ef­fi­cient and pro­fes­sion­al SMS fil­ter. You can cus­tomize your own fil­ters to help you fil­ter spam and MMS mes­sages from un­known phone num­bers.

What it does:
Automatically classify your messages, filter junk messages, let you avoid being disturbed by spam during work, rest or when you are on your phone(such as gaming or reading).

Privacy matters:
All ver­i­fi­ca­tion ac­tiv­i­ties oc­cur in a closed and se­cured process pro­vid­ed by iOS, with­out the need to con­nect to the net­work through­out, and SMS Fil­ter+ will not read, col­lect or tag your mes­sages.

Customize your filters:
Filter your messages like a pro, support check phone numbers, text, containing multiple keywords, start/end with keywords, match with Regular Expression and other advanced features.

How it works:
When a mes­sage comes, SMS Fil­ter+ will al­ways go through your Allow, Transaction and Promotion filters. Once there is any filter made a match, messages automatically classified into the corresponding folder. If those filters can not make a match, then SMS Fil­ter+ will go through your Junk filters, mes­sage will be fil­tered if it matched as spam.

Notifications & Badge
If a message classified as Allow, Transaction and Promotion, you will still get notifications and unread badge on the Message app icon, if a message filtered as spam, you won’t get any notifications and there is no unread badge.


What’s New

New with iOS 14:
• New UI Design, now you can change your filter appearance to different colors.
• Supported classify your messages into 4 cases: Allow, Transaction, Promotion and Junk. Good News: junk message unread badge now is no show.

Thank you for using SMS Filter+!

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    Price: $1.69

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