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  • Identifier me.luki.arizona
  • Added Date 13/04/2023 09:05
  • Updated Date 30/09/2023 11:55
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, com.mrgcgamer.libgcuniversal
  • Description

    Move the stock clock, date and lock glyph on the fly

    Version History

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    • Download Arizona version 0.9.230/09/2023 11:55
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 0a1bd722f186fdf6c592d763f003420e
      SHA1 d5fc82b0109a9adc1262d7c2116363477dd75eb4
      SHA256 642bb62c57af4bb503f8b7f6839c578d19577ece7173b02a9139f2f57088f770
    • Download Arizona version 0.9.220/05/2023 07:00
      Architecture iOS Rootless
      MD5 1bded0686dabeb01123dabe792907961
      SHA1 089591e37dd4de28cff5a253b2294c5464fe4127
      SHA256 6db005d99ac5abdf605fb20c2f699cc7f392f3ca2940364b6f2a2c6070034b52
    • Download Arizona version 0.9.213/04/2023 09:50
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 ff5e861bacf6670435f50d6d5b17ac30
      SHA1 43e0651f4e4152531604c8ad7bbcc5db5be90dec
      SHA256 8aa90d0f1fa3cae1ddf118c26d8e9625a112cdfe70d954e02e539dc9d7bc8fa9
    • Download Arizona version 0.9.213/04/2023 09:05
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 47fa931a06c95dbfbe8984dd28cedc60
      SHA1 482c0b4bf69730ca55a98cc02cbc7cd0c0b3dc5f
      SHA256 71a13d64aa5574dba8725ef1063cb5eb86f64eb2d7e7001f57b57d501baca48a

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