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  • Identifier com.imkpatil.appstorenomorebtn
  • Added Date 18/04/2023 00:15
  • Updated Date 19/05/2023 23:00
  • Depends mobilesubstrate
  • Description

    Always show the full update changelog in AppStore!

    Version History

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    • Download AppStoreNoMoreBtn version 1.0-29+debug19/05/2023 23:00
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 e309a1f379583784cbd4963675dc2ea0
      SHA1 4f3c2e317aa914685d638048bbd1a0a04284b63a
      SHA256 485614c027550adf8773e05003dbf13ce4119ff26cf18a1cfb4c5bee1ca9f4f5
    • Download AppStoreNoMoreBtn version 1.0-29+debug19/05/2023 22:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 d30667f81bc6edd9389d19ed3385ad3b
      SHA1 448b14493e24de0a0ce2e4df254cbcab3468bdd3
      SHA256 cc3f92112ebffb4a53eaafa316c551165c15cd2b2507c1346d23b9c3e9d107b9
    • Download AppStoreNoMoreBtn version 1.0-29+debug18/04/2023 00:15
      Architecture iOS
      MD5 e412dc339f7f342ff6a715f2ce4f0b3a
      SHA1 92b4c76ad96b4ddbdd3ee5988afd7f16cc4cdd67
      SHA256 8c3e1b93bcfca8eda2ada9aefbd99f1d5c70970e836dcccf4812f44f6ab464e6

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