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  • Identifier libjansson-dev
  • Depends libjansson4 (>= 2.14)
  • Updated Date 21/02/2023 04:40
  • Added Date 08/10/2020 14:23
  • Description

    A C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON (development files)

    Version History

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    • Download libjansson-dev version 2.1421/02/2023 04:40
      MD5 a6ea0f86f962f910213e461d0eb402b2
      SHA1 5fc8efaac65ae34f379eae9d6b714266b31c4d63
      SHA256 71536a4f248977b6e8489d4e27ec738d1a3cd13d147de0e7180f042f6f041fa6
    • Download libjansson-dev version 2.13.108/10/2020 14:23
      MD5 cfd54ac8f4e9c5015ecafd0bec047740
      SHA1 5e50d02a41e8c6e9ab523869f569bcf90bf64360
      SHA256 584876f88262f612b174c9b9ce8a8b41091b56728db6cca99acfc8cca5be29a9

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