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  • Identifier libjemalloc2
  • Updated Date 21/02/2023 04:40
  • Added Date 02/10/2020 20:54
  • Description

    general-purpose scalable concurrent malloc(3) implementation A library providing a malloc(3) implementation for multi-threaded processes on multi-processor systems. . Notable features are reduced lock contention, predictable low fragmentation, and introspection with heap profiling.Depends: libiosexec1 (>= 1.2.2)

    Version History

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    • Download libjemalloc2 version 5.3.021/02/2023 04:40
      MD5 f8375a707a80d4f55e93c405d8c3f49c
      SHA1 365cd331858b38c790d0fd63beb2284bb0765f02
      SHA256 3001a720098e10227d63a92fc38816f796ad86b00aeb17449002604e66920be3
    • Download libjemalloc2 version 5.2.1-227/12/2020 05:40
      MD5 48110c89fc3dc757580a43b34174ec02
      SHA1 2a1354680e5c4dd3eb309c076878fe12571cfc19
      SHA256 e8d03a4a748b8a099d379800448a537624b56e10288b8b25e68910147dbccb92
    • Download libjemalloc2 version 5.2.1-108/10/2020 14:23
      MD5 f664838726c2f0cb303e7b1f28782a47
      SHA1 6873e0ad75499d73589f342e920928afbcbceb48
      SHA256 a9adc2c49714c47f1efb67081cd99eb373508809a5bd5e0a425c150bdd37f217
    • Download libjemalloc2 version 5.2.102/10/2020 20:54
      MD5 c71af2f1e45cd1e37056461f1a6c744f
      SHA1 b60477697a388b9f1779bdf2fd6893d1a5510c64
      SHA256 6d27b253db0491553fbf745bd2e9103a0d822ce876dd19142a7ebdf2d74fc86a

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