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  • Identifier libjemalloc-dev
  • Depends libjemalloc2 (= 5.3.0)
  • Updated Date 21/02/2023 04:40
  • Added Date 02/10/2020 20:54
  • Description

    development files and documentation for jemalloc Files used for development with jemalloc. This package contains headers and documentation. . jemalloc is a library providing a malloc(3) implementation for multi-threaded processes on multi-processor systems.

    Version History

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    • Download libjemalloc-dev version 5.3.021/02/2023 04:40
      MD5 ae9ea0af997e2bc28b1ad40dc2c13340
      SHA1 6f6cc1d8b3185ea5535c1b7fdf44c87a12376210
      SHA256 cfd1ac45be5907a9043c84a993963502e7376a6e7b19c3b4919a3dcda0a8a2b5
    • Download libjemalloc-dev version 5.2.1-227/12/2020 05:40
      MD5 4e07e93caa7203baf88b65679de6daa2
      SHA1 9f136b53c4ecd165f9a2e3949f683fc808cfcdb7
      SHA256 ce9c92f9d1f8d85e4f682369a66420fec1c63265b9a1bfc2a27d9a6846dc73cb
    • Download libjemalloc-dev version 5.2.1-108/10/2020 14:23
      MD5 7959166aedb9d3c8b3ceeb03b3438f9f
      SHA1 0619965d997296a461373c192c2a19cf2a8072d2
      SHA256 03328fbf507ae4b6950ea9914ed6495891933d9392db49d50e2e7426cc29aca8
    • Download libjemalloc-dev version 5.2.102/10/2020 20:54
      MD5 bccfc3e5c4c8ca3b251162a9fcba46b4
      SHA1 6388e992906c1e268dafba5e6da82fa97564fded
      SHA256 7eeb02e5ee0d0b4c41967c060a773f77ea7abcecadc78091bc3f999d4775a381

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