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Foxie is an action driven social network.

What is an action driven network?

Foxie is focused on truly connecting and engaging with the world around you through activities and gatherings.

You have three ways of viewing what’s going on around you in the world.
3 feeds
One of the world, everyone’s post, one of your friends, and one of the posts from the maps that people have pinned an activity from the map.

You see the posts and you get the details about them like the time and place and you can join the activity and see who’s going. You’re also allowed to comment on it and more!

You also can set the activity up with as much as details as you like.

You have the ability to message other users, be a part of the group chats.

You can also discover users, activities on discovery and much more.

You can go to maps and see the activities going on around you by other’s pins.

Foxie is great for anyone that wants to find new friends in a city, is traveling, wants to attend events with another person and many more use cases.

PS. We don’t sell your data, we don’t have any algorithms , no vanity metrics, we don’t have ads or any of that stuff you dislike.

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots

  • Foxie. Screenshots
  • What’s New

    A huge bug has been fixed.
    Users that signed up questioned why they couldn’t see new posts even though their friends were posting and signed up and couldn’t search for them or see their posts.

    So if you signed up you couldn’t see posts from new users or find those new users unless they commented or reached out to you.

    Now that is fixed and all is back to normal in foxie world

    Some other small improvements.

    The message view was fixed to not show the loading indicator.

    If you have other feedback or suggestions feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected] with your feedback.

    Also fixed an issue that apple reported with App Preview for earlier iPhone versions.


    Social Networking
    Edison Espinosa
    10.2 or later


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