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  • Identifier com.nicho1asdev.konban
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.11), applist, firmware (>= 13.0)
  • Conflicts me.nepeta.konban
  • Updated Date 18/03/2021 18:11
  • Added Date 30/04/2020 15:52
  • Description

    Replaces the “Today” view with an app of your choice. Rewritten for iOS 13 and 14 by nicho1asdev.

    Version History

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    • Download Konban version 0.3.118/03/2021 18:11
      MD5 b30182e3ec755e6c13d158b1f8623041
      SHA1 52e8587eaa765e2ac71ce53b75a75132278fbb74
      SHA256 ef3f013e5df4132bc385b17370e69e84a35ca16b411cd8f60fd06443824463c2
    • Download Konban version 0.3.0-b230/04/2020 15:52
      MD5 ffc451f77b3cf011f019864a86194f92
      SHA1 1259e3b95338a02ef507788ab426a43ff15b6d54
      SHA256 0e3a790369c7c8da3ecdfe295d6506fd4c1fe9c108811785f2b753af06c8f4e4

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