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  • Identifier com.nicho1asdev.zebrasourcefix
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, xyz.willy.zebra
  • Warning This package seems to be offline.
  • Added Date 25/04/2020 21:40
  • Description

    Stop Zebra from hijacking Cydia and Sileo open requests!

    Version History

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    • Download ZebraSourceFix version 1.0.125/04/2020 21:40
      MD5 7832625fd69b3a047ed3faebab305c67
      SHA1 abea671d5a4cd64cf4eb02c215c76ebc79a7b5a4
      SHA256 7dbf0f255904d3f26ef11b19ee0803a6a86a5082ab9a5a6cbb032e832e7a3017
    • Download ZebraSourceFix version 1.025/04/2020 21:40
      MD5 c067395c2ab52353ff2e8d42aa9f5526
      SHA1 af6222151a898b7094c1a83a7b4b75ef1fe1b37e
      SHA256 b48de61bbd4775f3b726b04b44dda78e48f401b74697b602235865ef39e62aca

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